skip bin hire faqs
Can I put tyres in the bin?
Absolutely! If you've got a collection of tyres that would make a Formula 1 team envious, feel free to toss them into our bins. We're more than equipped to handle them.
Can I put mattresses in the bin?
Sure thing! If you've got more mattresses than the princess who couldn't sleep because of a pea, our bins are ready to accommodate them. Just remember, don't stack them higher than the bin's brim — safety first!
How can I pay for the bin hire service?
You have the option to pay for the bin hire service either at the time of delivery or when you book the bin. We offer flexibility in payment methods to accommodate your needs and ensure a convenient transaction.
What sizes do the bins come in?
Our bins range from petite 2m³ sizes, perfect for a spring clean, to whopping 24m³ sizes, ideal for when you decide to finally clean out that garage. We've got a bin for every occasion, ensuring we cater to all your waste disposal needs.
How long do I get to keep the bin for?
We understand different projects take different amounts of time. Our standard hire time is 1 week, but if you're having a hard time parting with our lovely bin, we can negotiate a longer stay. Just remember, it's a bin, not a pet!
Can I choose a time the bin is delivered to me?
Of course! We'll do our best to drop off the bin when it suits you. Just give us a call to schedule your personal bin rendezvous. We strive to provide a service that fits seamlessly into your schedule.
What materials are prohibited from being disposed of in the bins?
We'd love to help you get rid of your old chemistry set, but unfortunately, hazardous waste, asbestos, batteries, oils, paints, and chemicals are a no-go in our bins. If you're unsure about an item, give us a ring.
What happens if I fill the bin above its capacity?
We know it's tempting to play a real-life game of Tetris with your rubbish, but for safety's sake, please don't fill the bin above the rim. If you do, we might have to play "Jenga" with your waste, and nobody wants that!
Do I need a permit to have a bin on my property or on the street?
If the bin's on your property, you're the king of the castle, no permit needed! But if it's on public property or a nature strip, you might need one from your local council. We can assist with this process if needed.
What happens to the waste after it's picked up?
We're like the Robin Hood of waste management. We take from the rich (that's you!) and give to the poor... well, not exactly. We sort the waste, recycle as much as possible, and the rest is disposed of responsibly.
Can I move the bin once it's been placed?
We know our bins are attractive and you might want to show them off to your neighbours, but we advise against moving them once they're placed. If you need to relocate the bin, give us a call and we’ll assist.